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WeLead exists to inspire current, emerging and future leaders.

For 20 years, WeLead has been celebrating and highlighting the extensive women’s leadership potential that exists on the African continent. Women’s leadership initiatives are an essential element for creating a society that is gender neutral and empowering for all.

WeLead creates opportunities for real conversation to create real change.

By actively challenging the status quo, real conversations need to focus on inclusivity, rather than exclusionary practices.

WeLead takes the women’s leadership conversation to a variety of sectors and through a wide range of mediums.


Co-founder of Quality Life Company, Debby has earned her reputation as South Africa’s Women’s Leadership champion. In addition to the Annual Women’s Leadership Conference (now in its 12th year and in two cities) her ongoing innovations include WeLead Circles, the WiredWomen Conference (Empowering Women in Tech) and the InspiredTeachers Conference (celebrating leadership & innovation in education). Debby is considered as a thought leader in the field of women’s leadership and has spoken at leadership conferences in Europe and SA.  She is also a facilitator, mentor and  coach of women leaders and entrepreneurs.

The WeLead Conference and satellite events feature a variety of keynote speakers, panel discussions and facilitated workshops that enable effective dialogue. The emphasis is on showcasing accessible and easily relatable stories from a wide range of women in business and society.

Peer to peer coaching that fast-tracks leadership development.A WeLead Circle consists of 6 to 10 women who form a collegial network, in which they inspire and support each other to achieve personal leadership goals, and ‘hold each other accountable’ for the achievement of these goals.

WeLead provides a comprehensive range of programmes –from a 2 day intensive to a 6 month program – to inspire and highlight leaders in a range of workplaces, industries and social spaces.

An approved network for one on one leadership boosting support

Focused on leadership and innovation in the digital economy, WiredWomen is a plattform and annual conference to celebrate, mentor & connect leading & emerging women in tech.


For 20 years, Quality Life Company has focused on the power of conversation and collaborative learning to develop leaders and fasttrack learning

The unique impact of a QualityLife event is derived from our commitment to conversation and collaboration. We engage, discuss, collaborate, learn and laugh together. A Qualitylife Event provides a rare and valuable opportunity to network with extraordinary people. Some famous, some who you would otherwise never have met.

The networks, connections and friendships extend way beyond our events. Because when you attend a QualityLife conference or workshop you are not just a passive delegate, you’re an active contributor to the wisdom of the crowd.