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Women’s Leadership Programme

I’m very proud and excited to announce the launch of our flagship 6 month WeLead Women’s Leadership Development program.

It’s been created specially for the visionary, talented woman leader who is poised to launch her leadership into the world but needs a strategic boost to get there. This is the blueprint you’ve been waiting for if you know deep down that you have great leadership potential but need some expert guidance in clarifying how that should best be presented to your organisation and community.

It’s the support system you’ve been waiting for if you already have much of what it takes to lead effectively but know you need a coach, a master plan and an advisory board to make it happen faster, more powerfully and with far more impact than you can manage on your own.

We’ve spoken to clients and facilitators who are immersed in, committed to and passionate about women’s leadership development. We’ve analysed what’s available. We’ve researched the most relevant and pressing themes with the global participants of our weekly twitter #welead chats. Perhaps most powerful of all, we’ve piloted the #welead circle concept – monthly meetings of women leaders who get together regularly to provide each other with an invaluable Board of Advisors, team of peer coaches and often really close circle of friends (our first circle went away this weekend together and it was quite remarkable to celebrate how far we’ve come together).

You’ve already shown leadership flair and generosity when it comes to encouraging and supporting others to speak up, articulate their vision and make it happen. Now it’s your turn to let your own leadership shine. The WeLead Women’s Leadership Development Program provides the framework of support you need to step up to the platform and give the world the unique leadership contribution only you can offer.

Starting on Thursday May 28th (and every last Thursday for a further 5 months), the first WeLead Leadership program will run until the end of October and will meet once a month for a full work day. Each day will consist of a combination of the following elements:
1. executive-style leadership training in the morning presented by subject matter experts and chosen from our menu of options to suit the particular needs of the group, AND
2. peer coaching in the afternoon with your mastermind and supervised by one of our WeLead master coaches. (Click here to listen to two of our circle members talk about the WeLead Circle experience on SAfm).

The programme will also include
1. a powerful combination of assessments and tools to give you clarity about your own leadership style and leadership development path,
2. meeting with powerful women leaders in an intimate setting,
3. access to the full range of QualityLife Company breakfast presentations for ongoing learning and networking.

You’ll be exposed to new research and new insights, you’ll compare experiences, share adventures and test out new ideas with an exceptional group of women leaders. You’ll emerge reenergized and prepared to inspire and lead in a way which I describe as “Being yourself but Louder”. You’ll discover your own unique leadership gifts and style and learn a range of ways to make sure that you get the leadership recognition and opportunities you deserve.

It has been my privilege to work with some of the most inspiring and visionary women leaders in the country for the last 20 years and to help them clarify their leadership voice and contribution. If this invitation appeals to you, I so look forward to working with you as my team and I help you to clarify your own unique leadership style and plan.

After all we are the leaders we’ve been waiting for.

warm regards
Debby Edelstein

What if I’m an entrepreneur or work for an NPO?
The course is limited to 12 delegates and the 6 full day programme of leadership training and coaching is priced to be market-related for delegates who are employed in the corporate world. Discounted rates will apply for successful candidates who are paying for this themselves and for those who work for NPOs. (This programme is also available in-house for teams within your organisation) Please phone Dunne (0118809749) or email him if you’d like more information.

We have some very special offers (that won’t be available for future programs) to thank our early adopters on this our very first WeLead Women’s Leadership development program. So if you’re keen please don’t delay! Phone Dunne (0118809749) or email him if you’d like more information.


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